This domain hosts various infrastructure for the Bisq network, operated by @devinbileck.

  • Bitcoin blockchain explorer with mempool visualizer and BSQ transactions
  • Monero blockchain explorer
  • Bitcoin full nodes
    • (devinbtctu7uctl7hly2juu3thbgeivfnvw3ckj3phy6nyvpnx66yeyd.onion:8333)
    • (devinbtcyk643iruzfpaxw3on2jket7rbjmwygm42dmdyub3ietrbmid.onion:8333)
    • (devinbtcmwkuitvxl3tfi5of4zau46ymeannkjv6fpnylkgf3q5fa3id.onion:8333)
  • Bisq seed nodes
    • devinv3rhon24gqf5v6ondoqgyrbzyqihzyouzv7ptltsewhfmox2zqd.onion:8000
    • devinsn2teu33efff62bnvwbxmfgbfjlgqsu3ad4b4fudx3a725eqnyd.onion:8000
    • devinsn3xuzxhj6pmammrxpydhwwmwp75qkksedo5dn2tlmu7jggo7id.onion:8000
  • Bisq price node
    • devinpndvdwll4wiqcyq5e7itezmarg7rzicrvf6brzkwxdm374kmmyd.onion
  • Bisq mobile app notification relay node
    • bisqpushv56wo32w2dv7xacvvcrnow6gud5vkvftwsgevczmspzvqgad.onion (

Operational costs are mostly reimbursed through the Bisq DAO, but if you appreciate these services,
consider sending me a donation which will allow me to devote more time and resources to the Bisq network.

If you encounter any issues with these services or just want to contact me, I can be reached at any of the following: